SAFE project supports Wuhan's Agricultural Products Quality Improvement - Expert Training Promotes Production and Marketing Community to Achieve High-Quality Development

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In order to actively promote the development of the SAFE Project, comprehensively enhance the systematic and standardized output capacity of Chinese agricultural products, and promote the development of the "One Hundred Villages, Ten Thousand Mu, One Hundred Million Yuan" Community of Production and Marketing Project in a higher quality, the China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA), the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and the Institute of Agriculture Economics and Development have jointly developed and provided a training course on the quality and food safety of agricultural products, which is part of the SAFE Project and aims to further improve the quality standards of agricultural products, strengthen food safety measures, and promote the sustainable distribution and promotion of agricultural products.


On the morning of December 7, 2023, the project team held a training on the quality of agricultural products and food safety at the Sanliqiao Street Office of the Yangtze River New District in Wuhan. Dr. Zhou Hui from the Institute of Agriculture Economics and Development and Li Zhansheng from the The Institute of Vegetables and Flowers Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences were invited to the training. The two experts made special training on "base food safety management, product quality and safety guarantee and sustainable management points" and "vegetable planting technology and disease control", to further improve the planting technology level of local new agricultural business entities and large-scale growers, and enhance the quality of local growers' agricultural products. The training further improved the planting technology level of local new agricultural business entities and large planting households, and enhanced the awareness of agricultural product quality and safety of local planting households.


Wuhan City Yangtze River New District Sanliqiao Street under 14 villages, each village under a dozen brigades. On the day of the training, 126 people from each village attended the meeting, including new agricultural management subjects, large planting households, and captains of brigades. A total of more than 50 certificates of "Level 2 Trainer" were issued, and more than 70 certificates of farmer training were issued.


After the meeting, the farmers' representatives had one-on-one exchanges and questions with Teacher Li about the practical problems they encountered in the planting process. This project training will play a positive role in promoting the upgrading of our agricultural products industry chain.

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This training is not only part of the SAFE project, but also an important step to jointly promote the upgrading of agricultural products industry chain. Through the training of experts and the exchange of practical problems, the project will play a positive role in promoting the upgrading of the industrial chain of agricultural products in Wuhan and its surrounding areas, and encourage more agricultural entities to embark on the road of sustainable development.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Switch Asia Programme under Grant Agreement ACA/2021/428-467