Sustainable Agricultural Products -SAFE Project Shines at the 24th CHINASHOP

From March 13th to 15th, 2024, the 24th China Retail Trade Fair was grandly opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. This event brought together leading enterprises and cutting-edge technologies in the retail industry, becoming an important platform for showcasing achievements and promoting innovation and upgrading in China's retail sector. Over 800 enterprises participated, covering the top 100 retail chains in China, consumer goods companies, and related fields. The fair featured innovative solutions, trendy products, and retail brands, attracting approximately 63,000 professional visitors from around the world.


The Sustainable Agricultural Products -SAFE Project also made a remarkable appearance at this exhibition. Through displays and on-site presentations, the project team introduced the project's background, objectives, and key activities carried out over the past two years to numerous enterprises and consumer groups. The team highlighted how the project empowers small and medium-sized farmers through training, promotes the application and pilot of standardized fresh produce reusable plastic crates in the supply chain, and enhances food safety, sustainable management capabilities, and supply chain efficiency in the fresh produce sector.


Moreover, the project booth served as the exhibition and distribution platform for the "National High-Quality Agricultural Products Procurement Directory (2023 Edition)" of the SAFE project. As one of the outcomes of the "Sustainable Agricultural Products Distribution Project," this directory collects production information on fruits and vegetables from major producing areas across the country. It aims to help high-quality agricultural products enter the market more effectively, benefiting farmers and promoting rural revitalization while providing convenience for agricultural product operators and retail enterprises. The directory serves as a bridge for communication and cooperation between supply and demand sides.


In addition to the exhibition, Guo Qinhua, the coordinator of the SAFE project from the China Chain Store and Franchise Association, delivered a special presentation at the themed conference of this year's CHINASHOP, specifically at the sub-forum "Agricultural Sales Path - Landmark Agricultural Products Supply and Demand Cooperation." Her presentation, titled "Sustainable Agricultural Products Distribution Project - Finding New Paths for First-Hand Information on High-Quality Agricultural Products," introduced the project's background, progress, and future plans, and enthusiastically invited more retail partners to join the project.

The successful hosting of this exhibition has further expanded the influence of the SAFE project within the industry. The project will continue to play a crucial role in promoting the green and sustainable development of the agricultural products distribution sector.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Switch Asia Programme under Grant Agreement ACA/2021/428-467