Completion of Training Course for the Establishment of National Agricultural Green Development Pilot Zone and EU SWITCH-Asia SAFE Project in Enshi Prefecture

On February 29, the completion ceremony of the training course for the Establishment of National Agricultural Green Development Pilot Zone and SAFE project was held in the academic lecture hall of the Party School of the CPC Enshi Prefecture Committee. Over 140 trainees from eight counties and cities in Enshi Prefecture participated in this three-day training course, which concluded successfully.


Hosted by the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Enshi Prefecture, the training aimed to further promote the establishment of the National Agricultural Green Development Pilot Zone in Enshi Prefecture, advance green agricultural development, and facilitate the sustainable development of agricultural product distribution. The training course invited experts and professors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hubei University, and management personnel from leading enterprises. They provided detailed explanations on topics such as national agricultural green development policies, "Three Products and One Standard" (green, organic, and geographically indicated products), agricultural product quality and safety, the national agricultural product quality and safety traceability management platform, trends in agricultural product distribution development, and green agricultural technologies and management.


During the training, participants listened attentively and engaged actively, gaining a deep understanding of the importance and urgency of green agricultural development. Through case studies and experience sharing, trainees acquired a comprehensive understanding of the SAFE Project, providing valuable insights for their future work.

At the completion ceremony, relevant officials from the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Enshi Prefecture awarded the trainees the "Secondary Trainer" certificates for the SAFE Project. They also expressed high expectations, hoping that the trainees would fully utilize the knowledge they had gained to actively promote local green agricultural development and improve the efficiency of agricultural product distribution. Furthermore, they urged the trainees to cherish the learning opportunity and apply what they had learned to their practical work, contributing to the green agricultural development of Enshi Prefecture.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Switch Asia Programme under Grant Agreement ACA/2021/428-467