Standardized Fruit and Vegetable Reusable Plastic Crates Application Demonstration Project Kick-off Meeting (Hefei Station) Successfully Held.

At the beginning of the conference, He Yong, Director of the Industry Entrepreneurship and Development Department of the Association, introduced to the delegates the work of the Association in promotingreusable plastic crates in recent years,in particular, the "Action Plan for Standardization of the Fresh Supply Chain" initiated by dozens of retailers such as Fresh Legend, Beijing Huaguan, and Baiguoyuan in 2019, which has greatly increased the awareness and importance ofreusable plastic crates among industry enterprises. With the in-depth popularization of reusable plastic crates, the association has brought consumers more affordable prices and higher quality fresh fruits and vegetables, while enterprises have also gained better economic benefits. At the same time, the Association has also revised the "T/CCFAGS 019-2020 Operational Specifications for Fruit and Vegetable Reusable Plastic Crates" issued in 2020, and formally issued the "T/CCFAGS 019-2023 Operational Specifications for Fruit and Vegetable Reusable Plastic Crates" in June this year.


At the conference, Huang Si, a senior expert from the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, shared the European reusable plastic crates business model, especially the reusable plastic crates SRS cycle sharing system.


At the same time, Li Xiaoling, senior solution manager of LOSCAM Logistics Equipment Leasing (Beijing) Co., LTD., also promoted the standard of "T/CCFAGS 019-2023 Operational Specifications for Fruit and Vegetable Reusable Plastic Crates".



In addition, in view of the problems found in the preliminary research, such as insufficient reusable plastic crates management and easy to lose, the conference invited Wu Jiang, sales director of Sichuangyihui Technology Co., Ltd. to share the application of FRID technology in the traceability management of reusable plastic crates use process. At the same time, it is also suggested that enterprises can manage their own logistics vehicles like managing their own goods.



As the end customer representative of Anhui Fresh Legend Commercial Co., Ltd. general manager Shen Huafeng, Anhui Baida Hejiafu supermarket chain Co., Ltd. distribution center manager Chen Yu, respectively, introduced their own in the use of reusable plastic crates in the experience and harvest. Fresh Legend, the company is currently using the number of reusable plastic crates nearly 100,000, involving nearly more than 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables single product. Compared with disposable packaging, reusable plastic crates to help companies realize packaging costs of 10 million yuan / year savings, annual savings in cardboard boxes, equivalent to rebuilding a forest, reflecting the great environmental benefits. At the same time, the application of reusable plastic crates, but also to reduce the loss of fresh goods by about 2%, reducing losses of about 10 million yuan a year. Standardized reusable plastic crates can also be displayed and sold directly on the shelves in the stores, eliminating the need for store staff to place and display commodities, so the company can save 10 million yuan per year on the cost of talent in the stores. Through the traceability system, the reusable plastic crates as a carrier, so that bulk vegetables have an "identity card", from the base end to the store to achieve effective links, consumers can real-time scanning code query to the source of the product. The whole traceability process is convenient and efficient, and the information security is real, truly realizing the whole process of traceability and ensuring the safety and reliability of food.



Baida Hejiafu, the enterprise vigorously carry out "base + supermarket" mode of agricultural super docking, in the source of origin, in advance, set aside a certain number of reusable plastic crates, direct loading of baskets for stocking, logistics according to the baskets loaded, to achieve "How much to pack (basket), how much to keep (basket)". The company's self-processing of meat, aquatic products, self-picked eggs, ambient temperature commodity distribution is also a large number of applications of reusable plastic crates, which has brought about an increase in the efficiency of commodity distribution, commodity quality assurance and other intuitively visible.


Mr. Xiong Chuanwu, Chairman of IQC(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. shared the key points of quality, safety and sustainable management of fruit and vegetable cultivation process with the delegates. A total of 12 representatives of agricultural cooperatives were awarded the "Level 2 Trainer" certificate of the Sustainable Development of Agricultural Products Distribution Program through learning and answering questions.



In addition, 51 fruit and vegetable suppliers and agricultural cooperatives have become demonstration units for the application of standardized fruit and vegetable reusable plastic crates.



In the afternoon, the delegates visited the Fresh Legend Logistics and Distribution Center, where the person in charge of the center carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on the construction of logistics warehousing, standardized carrier operation, and so on.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Switch Asia Programme under Grant Agreement ACA/2021/428-467